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We help small business & startups build their dreams with our strategic marketing

Identify Goals

What would you like to achieve with your marketing campaign? Do you want to generate leads or sales, or simply raise brand awareness?

Strategies to achieve

What will work best for your business? Will you focus on search engines, social media or paid traffic? How will you make the most of every visitor?

Build brand reputation

Which public perception do you want to cultivate? How and where will you connect and engage with potential clients or customers, and manage feedback?

Dream BIG!

We Are Here to Help!

Big dreams often have small beginnings. Think of Amazon and Google, both of which started as home enterprises. Where do you see your business in say, 5 years from now? Keep in mind though that the internet is a lot more competitive now that it used to be. To make your dreams come true, you may want to tap into our team's decades of combined experience. Let us help you to move forward towards your goals.

Why Choose Us?

Our skilled, passionate core team has several decades of combined experience across multiple disciplines.


Trusted by Business Owners

Dennis is a man of integrity and resource. I hope that everyone honestly gets to know him and Lisech Marketing.
Carol Betis
"Dennis, I love your website. It drew me in from the very first moment I set my eyes on it. Your blog is such a help to anyone. As you know I haven’t checked my ranking in a few months but was so happy to be at #1 for all kinds of searches and thanks to you! I still have a business and I am getting my message out there! You Rock !!"
Sian Petter - Exotic Tramp (Bespoke Chocolates)
Dennis knows marketing but before getting to know your company, he spends a lot of time getting to know you.
Peter Crocker