15 Eye Opening Short Form Video Statistics

While many companies still believe that creating video is too expensive, these short from video statistics prove beyond all doubt that it is the best way to reach potential customers and clients in the current market conditions.

First, why is short form video doing so well?

Well, aside from the fact that people have come to realize the value of their time, they can watch more videos in the same space of time.

Remember the old expression (which we still use today)…

“Do you have a minute?”

It implies that “this won’t take long”. It also implies that you value the other person’s time.

And – with Youtube shorts limited to 60 seconds – posting short form video does exactly that.

Here are 15 random short form mobile statistics you need to know:

1. As of July 2023, 2 BILLION users on Youtube watch “shorts” videos every month. That’s one in four people on the PLANET.

2. More than 70% of all the time spent on watching Youtube videos are spent using mobile devices. And since short from videos are literally made for mobile consumption, it’s safe to say “shorts” comprise the bulk of videos being watched.

3. Two thirds of consumers feel that short from video on social media is the most engaging form of content.

4. 68% of all people are quite happy to watch a business video, as long as they know it will be one minute or shorter.

5. 49% of business videos are under a minute in length. That means that businesses are still producing more long form videos than short form videos, which means that – despite its popularity – the competition is not as tough as you would expect.

6. 93% of marketers have reported landing at least one customer using video on social media – and since most of social media is consumed on mobile, it follows logically that short from video had a lot to do with it.

7. In general, videos receive 48% more views than other post types on social media. Again, when you look at the devices used for social media, and the available upload formats and lengths, short from video is likely to make up the build of that.

8. On Instagram, videos – or reels as they call them – receive 49% more engagement on average than other post types (pictures, carousels, stories, etc). Couple that with the fact that the more engagement you get on a post, the more exposure you will be given, and it makes total sense.

9. On Instagram, videos that hover around the 26-second length tend to receive more comments than other videos, longer or shorter.

10. 91% of Instagram users watch videos (reels) at least once a week.

But here’s the punchline:

11. If you have an account on Instagram that has 500 followers, any image you post will reach about 77% of your following. However, if you post a reel (short form video), and add a proper descriptions and tags, you will be likely to reach around 892%. That’s close to 4,500 people that can see your clip, even though you have only 500 followers.

12. On Facebook, 85% of videos are watched without sound. While the numbers may vary for other platforms, it is safe to assume that large percentages of users on other short from video platforms will also behave similarly. So unless you add text to your video, many people simply won’t get your message.

13. On Twitter, videos that have closed captions or overlaid text receive 28% more view time.

14. Twitter video ads with text overlays or closed captions have been reported to have an 80% better ROI than those without.

15. On Twitter/X – which is mostly used on mobile devices – tweets that contain video receive ten times more in terms of engagement than those without video.

In conclusion:

After Tiktok exploded onto the scene, the other social media platforms took note, and started offering the same upload format.


Obviously, these social media sites plan to make many billions in advertising revenue from those short from videos.

They wouldn’t have done that if they didn’t expect a large enough audience to make it profitable for them.

But what does that mean for you?

It means that out there on social media, there are many people who would like to hear your message in a video – as long as you keep it short.