5 Ways to Use Instagram to Promote Your B2B Services Business

When trying to promote a B2B services business on Instagram, many small business owners look at all of the “novelty content”, pictures of people’s meals and the content from “social media influencers”…

And they fail to see how they can fit into all of that.

Yes, it’s true that it is a “social” network. People go there to share social stuff. Personal stuff.

However, the fact that so many people use it (1.35 Billion at present), means than some of those people are in fact business owners and managers too. All you need to do is to identify them, and figure out the best way to reach them.

Here are 5 ways to use Instagram for B2B services marketing:

instagram marketing,b2b services marketing, small business marketing tips,lisech, marketing strategy consulting1. Content.

With content, we don’t mean that every post you put out should be an advertisement. We also don’t advise that you go the opposite route, and post personal stuff. Or that you only post when you feel like it, which might not be often or regularly.

However, if you can put out helpful content, you will eventually build a reputation as someone who knows what they are talking about. If you can do it on a regular basis, and people see your content regularly, it will mean that you will be seen regularly.

On top of that, if you add proper descriptions and good hashtags to each post (when starting out, aim for hashtags that have no more than 10K competing results), it will make it easier for people to find you when they search for information similar to that which you put out.

2. Pay relevant pages to promote you.

Depending on whether your services can be delivered remotely or not, you can reach out to Instagram pages covering your area (ideal for physical services) or to pages covering related topics that would appeal to your target audience (virtual/remote services).

Negotiate a price for adding your content to their Instagram profile, giving you access to their audience.

Try to stick to pages that are as closely related to what you offer as possible, or alternatively go for pages about your area, but with a decent following.

3. Exchange posts with complementary, non-competing businesses.

As your own following grows, you can start exchanging content or ads with pages that compliment your own services. For instance, if you offer bookkeeping services, you may want to exchange posts with a local IT service provider.

Since a good number of their clients is likely to be business owners, it will be a mutually beneficial exchange.

Also, if any page you approach has a following much larger than your own, you can offer to place multiple posts for them (over the course of a few days or weeks) in return for the one they place for you.

4. Direct outreach.

When it comes to B2B marketing on Instagram, this is probably the most overlooked strategy in the (proverbial) book…

Simply start searching for small businesses you would like to provide services to, and follow them. When they follow you back, strike up a conversation to find out where they are in their business journey, and whether your services would make sense to them.

Once you have determined that they would be a good fit, simply offer to help them.

If you follow the right people, every one that follows you back (which you can then send a direct message), will be a prospective client.

Of course, it goes without saying that you will need at least some decent content on your profile – content that will show people that you know what you are doing, and that shows that you can help them deal with their challenges.

5. Paid ads.

Depending on what you offer, how tough the competition is and how much it will cost to place your ads, you may want to consider using Instagram ads or promoted posts to reach more people.

A thought: where possible, when promoting a post, end the post with a question. That way, as people comment on it, the post will also get some organic exposure, resulting in more people seeing it free of charge.

In conclusion:

When using option 2, 3 or 4, pay attention to how active the account is. If you are doing outreach, looking at how regularly the person puts out content will give you an idea of how long it will be before you can expect a response.

If you are trying to advertise on someone else’s Instagram page, the number of views, likes and comments are critical – because it will give you an idea of how much the exposure will actually be worth.

Ideally, combining as many of these methods would be the best way to go, allowing you to grow your audience and collect prospects.

For instance, you can use paid posts (on someone else’s profile) to not only advertise, but also to gather followers – with which you can then engage in conversations once they follow you.

The ideal is to not only advertise your services, but to build your audience at the same time. Not everyone that follows you will be ready to do business with you immediately. But having them follow you allows you to keep in touch.

And considering the fact that most people require 5 to 7 interactions with your brand before they make a decision…

It makes sense to try and get people to follow you – to afford you the opportunity for that additional exposure, and to enable you to follow up with them via direct messages.