6 Ways to Get More Customers From Your Longer Videos

video marketing, youtube videos, long form videos, exposure, customers, lisech, marketing strategy consultantsCreating longer videos (not shorts or reels; ideally ten minutes or longer), usually involves quite a bit of work and/or money. It makes sense for you to want the best possible return on that outlay – especially if you plan on doing it regularly.

Short form videos can be uploaded to several social networks, but longer videos, in landscape layout, are somewhat limited in that regard.

Or are they?

Actually, you do have some options:

6 ways to get more customers from your longer videos.

1. The first one is not for everyone: Create shorts.

It depends on how your videos are created. If the focal point of your videos are in the middle third of the screen (like say, a head-shot video, real or AI-generated), you can cut out useful bits of the video and turn them into shorts and reels.

Let’s say you have a ten minute video, and you are able to extract just 5 shorts of one minute each (or under) from that. You now have 5 shorts which you can upload to Youtube shorts, Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook reels, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest (“idea pins”).

In doing that, you have just created up to 35 new touch-points where potential customers or clients can be exposed to your brand.

2. Explore Youtube alternatives.

There are several alternatives to Youtube. Most of them have much smaller audiences, but that also means they have less competition.

Depending on your niche, smaller video sites might be easier to break into, or not. Regardless, if you already spent the time and effort/money to create the video, you may as well put it to work for you in as many locations as possible.

You have places like Vimeo, DailyMotion, D-Tube, Odysee and several more.

3. Turn your video into a blog post.

Take the video script, and – usually with only minor modifications – it can be a good blog post. Once Google has indexed the blog post, you can then also re-post that article on Medium and Linkedin Articles.

(Google needs to know that it was published on your website/blog first, otherwise it might not be indexed at all, and it may be seen as content duplicated from other websites.)

4. Turn each video into a podcast episode.

By extracting the audio from the video (it’s easy with freely available online tools), you can open a whole new world of possibilities.

You can upload podcasts to a variety of different destinations on the web, allowing you to increase your visibility exponentially.

5. Create shorter social media posts from the blog post.

You can slice up the blog post into shorter text posts for Facebook, Linkedin, and any other social network your audience frequents. If you are aiming for a younger audience, you may even want to look at places like Tumblr and/or Reddit.

On top of that, you can then choose to use those short social media posts on Facebook- and Linkedin groups.

Again, by extracting just 5 social media posts from one video’s transcription/blog post, you can potentially create a multitude of additional touch points to connect with your target market.

6. Turn the blog post into a PDF, and syndicate it.

By turning your blog post into a PDF, you also have the option to add more marketing messages and/or links to it (more than you would be able to do on say, an article on Linkedin).

You can then distribute this PDF document to a range of websites, ranging from Slideshare to websites where people upload free ebooks.

In conclusion:

Yes, doing all of the above amounts to a lot of work.

And no, we don’t suggest that you become active on all of the additional social channels.

However, considering the effort and/or money that often goes into making long form videos, you may want to extract more mileage from it than just the views you would get on Youtube and Facebook Watch.

You don’t have to do all of it – but you may want to explore the user demographics of each potential channel and platform, and see what is likely to offer a reasonable reward for the effort involved, even if it is delayed.

Instead of putting all of your eggs in one basket, rather consider the potential of having a trickle of visitors from many different places.

On the flip side, knowing that you can get a lot of traffic – and hopefully buyers – from each video you put create, makes it worth your while to put more thought into it, and create something that more people will want to watch.