7 Short Form Video Content Ideas to Increase Your Reach

Short form video is more popular than ever. In fact, Youtube recently started taking steps to fight off spammers on Youtube shorts. And if spammers are using it to make money…

That means there is definitely some marketing potential.

Note: Short form video content is best described as short mobile videos, ideally under 60 seconds in length.

Why should you pay attention to short form video content?

We live in the age of influencers. Short form video is one of the easiest ways to build your audience. Aside from that, you can use the same content on multiple platforms: Youtube shorts, Facebook reels, Instagram reels, Twitter/X, Linekdin, Tiktok and Pinterest Idea Pins.

Not to mention that, if you choose to do so, you can also use it on less popular social networks.

Also, because of the length of the content, people on those platforms consume a lot more of it – so your chances of being seen are better than by using any other form or format of content.

When you combine that consumption figure with the number of places you can use the same content, the benefits are as clear as day. Even if none of your short form videos gain any real traction, it is till possible to get a trickle of visitors from each platform you post the videos to.

If you post short form videos or reels regularly, the trickles eventually add up to useful amounts of traffic to your website.

The best part is that these videos don’t have to be professionally created or edited. Your audience will – in most cases – be fine with it if you simply use your phone to capture something of interest to them.

So, now that we have the “why” out of the way, let’s get to the “how”:

Here are 7 short form video content ideas to increase your reach:


1. Videos about products.

Depending on what you sell, this could include videos that simply highlight the product features, or it could be a short video stating the product’s uses or benefits. It could even be a short demo to show potential customers how to use it.

2. General promo videos.

You can use short video clips to show off products or services, and also to promote your brand or company. You can use it to introduce specific people on your team who are assigned to helping your customers or clients in specific ways.

3. Education.

You can use reels and shorts to provide potential customers with tips and info on things that are not directly related to the product or service, but could improve their experience when using it. For instance, if you sell hardware, you may want to offer videos of things to keep in mind when using specific products.

4. Answer common questions.

For starters, you can convert the FAQ section on your company website to short videos. In addition to that, any other questions that arise frequently could be turned into short form videos.

Not only will it help prospective customers or clients, but it will also help to establish your expertise, and attract potential future clients or customers.

5. Testimonials.

A testimonial can be as simple as a pic of the customer or client (or even the logo if you do B2B), with a text overlay and an AI voice track – if the customer is unwilling or unable to record it for you.

Either way, testimonials are incredibly powerful selling tools, and they do a lot for your credibility. So why not use them everywhere?

6. Trends or news.

Let’s say your area recently experienced a bad storm, and many home owners need to do some repairs. You can offer advice to DIY enthusiasts on how to do specific tasks in the most efficient way, or you could even advertise special deals on specific packages for specific tasks.

7. Communicate company news.

Do you have an event coming up? Are you adding a new product line to your existing inventory? Are you expanding on your services? Did you hire a new person for a specific job that will help more clients or customers, or did an existing employee acquire a new qualification?

All of these are things that have a direct impact on the client-/customer experience, so your potential customers and clients may want to know that too.

In conclusion:

There are a multitude of opportunities to create short form videos.

Do keep in mind that, as the web becomes more and more overloaded with information and content, people are becoming more and more specific about what they want to know. If you can offer an answer in 30 seconds, as opposed to someone having to watch a ten minute video…

There will be many people who would prefer to watch your short video clip.