About us

Lisech Marketing Strategy Consulting was started in Jan 2011 as a way to provide funding for a local charity – the aim of which is to rebuild self esteem for people who were referred to us from abusive relationships.

In August 2010 we started taking in the homeless as well. Everyone who has stayed here – or is staying – between the two houses we are helping support, now has worked for the business or cause in some way. None have been experts in any internet field.

We asked for help from friends on the internet because it has been a struggle to keep up with the needed income. We do not accept monetary donations because the concept here is a hand up – not a hand out. It is important to practice what you preach.

Helping people has always been a way of life for the two main officers. In both our cultural backgrounds, helping others was an existing way of life. Most of my business life – as well as my personal life – has been spent helping others.

The majority of my early business life was spent as adviser/mentor/partner/consultant to one company or another. There has been only one business personally owned; the others were partnerships. Some things never change – even while living nine years without memories of my past, two years were spent as a volunteer working with people surviving a loved one. In grief, my expertise comes from losing everyone who meant anything to me within a five year period.

It does not take a formal education to become an expert. Lived experience, combined with personal study can achieve this goal as well. One of our associates brought it to our attention that we had been building three different brands at the same time, and have managed to bring them together into a cohesive whole. Each of the fields are aimed at helping people achieve life or business goals.

By helping others we have gained a following which is based on truly caring for others with integrity. This is the approach we advocate for everyone. This is also why we became part of Allendale County School of Business – it is people helping people in an entire county. Something which – to our knowledge – has never been tried using the model we designed and applied.