Lisech e-marketing

Business- and personal branding specialists

About us

Lisech eMarketing is a small business overseen by a single person. Understanding that it takes professionals in at least four areas to create a viable brand, A team approach is used.

Teams are created from business owners who are at a professional level in the areas of need. Each has their own independent business, which uses their area of expertise. The two reasons they help are, they believe in the Lisech cause, and they enjoy a challenge.

Brands aren’t about beauty. They are your marketing funnel, and as such should be treated that way.

Beauty has its place, that place isn’t in your funnel. Your website is part of that funnel as well. Funnels do have an intrinsic beauty in that they provide the function of convincing people who find you, to become buyers of your products or services.

Whatever area you are close to or professional in we let you do yourself. This cuts your costs and lets you be who you are. One of the secrets to branding is presenting your company as an extension of you.