Consulting for leaders!

Helping startups and small business since 2011. We focus on revenues, more profits, improved cash flows and simply just more peace of mind.

Where we excel is showing you how to give enough value that people come to you, instead of you chasing them. Our end goal is to help you create something simple and effective for both you and your customers. As a team we understand that no matter what kind of business we have dealt with the rules for strategic marketing haven't changed. We have each run our own businesses, so understand how to increase market share. Our belief is all business should be passion based. What we have learned from our personal experiences, “One person's work is another person's fun.” When you truly love what you do, it never feels like work. Never have we seen anyone willing to give up on doing what they love.


Helping sincere and genuine businesses to grow into wonderful brands and obtaining exceptional results they seek through strategic marketing.


We work to make it possible for our clients to focus, have a clear direction, and succeed across all facets of their businesses.

Our Team

Dennis Thorgesen

Founder / CEO

The majority of Dennis early business life was spent as adviser/mentor/partner/consultant to one company or another. Most of them ideas which were turned into businesses.

peter j prins, Lisech, marketing strategy consulting

Peter Prins

Co-Founder / Copywriter

Making a living online since 2007, and starting his first online business in 2012, Peter has amassed a wide skill set which includes content marketing, paid advertising, systems setup etc.

Jacks Maliyakal

Brand Identity / Creative Design

A creative enthusiast with good understanding and experience creating brand identities and designs for marketing communication. 

In marketing there is no one system fits all. From an English in England bespoke chocolate creator, a company who supplies the needs of drying companies, construction companies, to a limousine company we have increased market share. Sometimes people can use their passion in more that one way. One of this team takes no salary. Everything he personally earns goes to helping women coming out of abusive relationships. In the end it all comes down to passion. A lack of the right kind of passion put people in situations where they find they would rather not be.