What is a brand? 7 things you need to know

What is branding, and what does it mean to build a brand? While it is possible to answer that in one sentence, you may want to look at the bigger picture. Here are 7 things you need to know about branding: 1. Branding is about deliberate differentiation. In business, this is commonly referred to as … Read more

Is branding becoming too expensive?

When it comes to branding, many small business owners feel it is simply too expensive. After all, even if you use “free methods”, you still end up either spending your own time on it, or paying an employee to spend time on it – so “free” isn’t really free. On top of that, advertising costs … Read more

7 skills your content writer is hiding

Very few content writers are “just writers”. Most of them are much more… Allow me to explain: Most blog writers and ghostwriters start writing not only because they enjoy writing, but out of necessity. Some of them are people laid off from their jobs, while others quit their dead end jobs. Some of them start … Read more

Which tools do you need to brand your business?

Small business branding is not just about slapping up a logo and a simple website. There’s a bit more to it than that. Nothing is simple when you haven’t learned, in the end though you are looking for simple and fun. People have a tendency to avoid doing what they don’t like. However, some people … Read more

7 Ways in Which Your Website’s Design Could Harm Your Brand

For most small business owners, their website is usually their last priority. They are too busy worrying about their day to day operations and business growth to worry about anything else. As such, they adopt an attitude of “it looks ok, so it’s ok”. Well… Maybe it isn’t. Your website’s design could harm your brand … Read more