Do You Need Videos on Your Small Business Website?

Is it worth is to use video on your local business website? Yes, video is all the rage on social media. But for your website?

Actually, the benefits are substantial. In fact, when you read the list below, you may find it surprising that so few local businesses actually make use of video on their websites.

10 Reasons to use video on your small website:

lisech marketing consulting, small business, website, video1. Improved engagement:

Many people simply leave your website when confronted with a “wall of text”. Some people just don’t like to read anymore – not in our day and age. Having the page content in video format too will retain more website visitors, which in turn signals a better quality web page to Google.

Which, in turn, will result in more search engine visitors being sent your way.

2. Easier – and double – Google rankings:

It is easier to rank a video in Google than it is to rank your local business website. So even if you struggle to rank well for your website, you could still get a video in the search results. However, if your website is well placed in Google, having your video on the front page of Google will (a) give you double the exposure, and (b) push one of your competitors’ websites further down the results list.

3. Better social media reach:

Videos have a better chance of being shared on social media. It’s as simple as that. Without video on your website, your chances of any page being shared on Facebook, Twitter, etc. are simply lower.

4. Improved conversion rates:

For many people, it is simply easier to relate to something they can see. Seeing a product being used, or seeing a video that explains a service and its benefits, is likely to result in more visitors converting to clients or customers.

5. Easier to explain complex things:

While many people wouldn’t bother to read an explanation of something complex, or not understand it if they tried, seeing it in video makes it easier to comprehend.

6. Video is useful in many ways:

Some videos can be used in different places – from social media to email to advertisements. If it is well thought through, you can use the same content more than once.

7. Appeal to your prospect’s emotions:

There is no denying that it is easier to bring an emotional point across with video than it is using written words. You can colors, pictures, and the tone of voice to work with – all of which combine to evoke emotional responses – all of which are unavailable when using written content.

8. Tell your brand’s story in a more compelling way:

Telling your brand’s story in a video is going to stick in your visitor’s mind for a lot longer than if they just read it, or read a part of it and then clicked away.

9. Use testimonials as sales tools:

When it comes to sales tools, nothing comes close to the power of a personal video clip from a happy client or customer. A personal recommendation by someone already using your product or services speaks volumes, and when done in person in video it is even more powerful.

10. Be ahead of the pack:

In many niches or markets, using video content on websites has simply not gained momentum yet. if your small business operates in one of those markets, you can stand out above the rest by being one of the first to start using video content on your website.

In conclusion:

It costs more to create video content than it costs to create written content. There is no getting around that – unless you simply make a short video clip of yourself speaking, on your smartphone.

However, when you consider the host of benefits as listed above, it is – in most cases – the logical choice. Hands down.