How Can You Use ChatGPT4 for Small Business Marketing?

How can small businesses use ChatGPT4 for marketing? Used properly, it can be an incredibly powerful tool to save you time and money.

Allow me to elaborate…

lisech marketing strategy consulting, Ai tools, chatgpt 4, ai marketingFirst off, ChatGPT4 is the professional – and paid – version of ChatGPT. There are two major differences between ChatGPT3.5 – the free version, and GPT4:

a. ChatGPT4 is able to connect to the internet to retrieve information. Fair enough, it can only go do while using Bing search. For some of the options listed below, you may want to include a few searches using Google’s AI search.

The fact that ChatGPT3.5 is unable to connect to the internet means that any information retrieved from it is outdated.

b. GPT4 comes with a boatload of plugins that facilitate additional functionalities. By adding just a few basic, free plugins, you can turn ChatGPT4 into a marketing powerhouse.

Important: The answers you can retrieve from any AI are only as good as the questions you ask. Be mindful to note down your expectations when asking any questions – that way you will be more likely to get the response you want.

This is how small businesses can benefit from using ChatGPT4 for marketing:

1. Most people are familiar with the fact that ChatGPT can be used to create written content. It can be used to create blog posts, website content, marketing emails, etc. But there is a lot more it can do:

2. Social media posts – for many small business owners, crafting social media text posts is a tedious and time consuming task. As a result, they usually only post content when they have published a new blog post, uploaded a new video to Youtube, or when they have something specific to advertise.

With GPT4 you can generate helpful social media posts containing tips, explainers and short how-to posts – in bulk.

3. Images and videos – with Dall-E now being part of the GPT4 toolkit, and many more plugins at your disposal, you can now create images and videos on demand. Just enter your prompt, and tell it how many images or videos you want. Remember to be mindful of the resolution you need (it can be lower for social media), and the layout (mobile/portrait or desktop/landscape) in the case of videos.

4. Use it to generate content and copywriting for offline content: You can use GPT4 to generate text (informational or copywriting) and images for any print publication, advertising, flyers and brochures.

5. You can use the AI tool to do an audit on your website – you might be surprised to see how much can be improved. Note that your website will have to be indexed in Bing search to be able to use this. Let it examine the content, the layout, the user interface, the images and the source code (there are many things hidden in the code – which search engines see, but humans don’t – like whether your site has heavy scripting, a poor code structure which slows it down, and your instruction tags for search engines and social media).

6. Similarly, you can research the competition – as long as they are indexed on Bing search. Bing is a bit more fussy than Google when it comes to indexing, so low quality websites often don’t make it onto Bing search.

You can explore and see where there may be gaps in the market, or even just opportunities for better positioning even if several competitors have offers similar to yours.

7. Use it to find opportunities for guest posting, trading social media posts or shout-outs, or just posting articles online on high traffic websites.

8. Generate polls and surveys. Using ChatGPT, you can come up with questions and ideas for surveys and polls which you can either put up on your website, or put up on social media to identify potential clients or customers.

In conclusion:

At the time of writing this, ChatGPT4 comes at a monthly cost of $20. Considering what it is able to do, how much time it can save you, and how much it can improve the productivity of the person using it, it makes no sense to NOT do it.