Lisech small business branding services

Small business branding can turn a struggling enterprise into a thriving one.

Problem is, most people don’t really know where to start – or what to do.

Many people think that, once they have a logo and brand colors, they “have been branded”. It’s not quite as simple as that.

A business brand is based on the user experience – both in terms of perception and actual experience. Every single interaction with your brand (and all marketing) will shape either the perception or the actual experience – or both.

On top of that, your situation is unique – determined by a multitude of factors, including location, positioning, competition, industry, current resources, and how much you may already have done to brand your small business.

Unique situations call for unique solutions – not the generic advice you would find by just reading about it on blogs and in industry newsletters.

Where do you begin?
How do you figure out what to do? After all, you got a logo, brand colors and fonts – so what else do you need to do? There are just so many options, so many tactics, and so many people giving advice…

(many of which may just be pretending to be experts, while in fact they have never done any of it themselves)

However, following arbitrary/generic advice – even if it is good advice- may not work for you. Like a poorly sized spanner/wrench may be the right tool – but it’s not a good fit.

And when you want to do your own…

Small business branding...

Where does that leave YOU?
Wouldn’t it great to have someone who can…
Establish where your brand is at,

Craft a practical, do-able plan to get it to where you want it to be, and

Show you how to implement it?

(without breaking the bank)
Not only would that make things a lot easier, but it could also:
Save you time – and get your brand noticed (and trusted) sooner.

Save you money – because there are many things you can do yourself.

Help you stand out among your competitors.

Help you avoid pitfalls that would set you back.

Help you to reach your brand’s real potential – and value – sooner.

Lisech digital marketing:

Small business branding services

Every interaction you have with any prospect, contributes to branding your small business.

With that in mind, Lisech offers you:

Branding consultations

Assistance in creating/improving your brand identity

Creation of practical, effective and do-able plans to grow your brand

Done-for-you services, partial or complete – depending on your situational requirements.
Why would you want to work with us?
More than 40 years of business & branding experience.

More than 30 years of combined online experience

A diverse skill set.

So here’s the big question:
What would you like to do next?

1. Book a consultation

2. Find out how we can help you (contact us)

3. Request a quote for specific (or complete) services

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Please keep in mind that Lisech is a small company, and we can only help so many clients at a time. First come, first served.

Just to recap:

Working with Lisech can…

Save you time and money (less wasted money, more money coming in).

Help your brand take its rightful place among (or above) your competitors.

Help you to avoid pitfalls that would set you back.


What would you like to do next?
1. Book a consultation

2. Find out how we can help you (contact us)

3. Request a quote for specific (or complete) services.

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p.s. – You could try to do it yourself, and figure out how to do it all from generic bits and pieces of info scattered all over the internet. Or you could pay through your neck for some high-flying company. Or you could simply talk to us – and see if you want to work with us. To YOUR Success The Lisech Team