What are the 11 different ways AI is going to help you with marketing?

AI is quickly permeating every aspect of business. AI marketing tools are already a reality. But how exactly will AI be able to help you with your small business’ marketing?

Well, a few months ago those options would have been limited. But now, with ChatGPT4 and other tools being able to connect to the internet and obtain up to date information…

It’s a different ball game altogether.

This is how AI marketing tools can help you:

lisech marketing strategy consulting,Ai,marketing, help with marketing1. AI can help you determine your ICP, or ideal customer profile, based on your products and assets/resources, or your services and skill sets.

Given its vast access to business information, it will be able to determine who is likely to be your ideal buyer.

2. Determining your brand positioning:

By combining your information about what you can offer, and how, with the information on the ICP avatar and its needs and wants, as well as information about the competition you face, the AI can then help you to position yourself in such a way that you can access the best possible market share with the least possible competition.

3. Content ideas for you website or blog:

Your AI marketing assistant can look at content created by other websites which appear to work well for them, and suggest content ideas based on that (modified to suit your positioning).

4. Content copywriting for your website:

Whether you want blog content, or content for specific pages on your website, simply as the ChatGPT to write unique content for that page or blog topic.

5. Search engine optimization:

AI tools like ChatGPT can help you to optimize every page on your website by adding the right keywords, adding sub-headings to show Google what each section is about, and create meta tags (coded information to tell Google your web page’s title and description).

6. Creating social media posts:

By combining an AI language tool to write compelling content, and using an AI graphics generation tool like say, MidJourney, you can create social media posts that are more likely to stop people from scrolling through their feeds, and read the post.

7. Sales page copywriting:

Fair enough, you will need to provide quite bit of information to the AI in order to make this work, but any decent AI marketing tool will be able to use (currently) well-performing copywriting techniques to create a compelling sales page or sales letter.

8. Copywriting of advertisements and marketing material:

Regardless of whether it is a Google ad, a brochure, a leaflet or an advertising video script, the AI – if given enough material/information to work with – will be able to create any or all of the above in a matter of seconds.

9. Writing of video scripts:

Regardless of whether you aim for short form videos to be posted as reels, tiktoks or Youtube shorts, or whether you are going after long form videos with more substance, any decent AI with internet access will be able to analyze existing content in your niche, and create video scripts that will be compelling and persuasive.

10. Analyzing the competition:

Regardless of where you are on your marketing- and/or branding journey, AI will be able to help you to analyze your competition, and come up with strategies and tactics to acquire a larger portion of the market.

11. Analyzing your website and tell you how to improve it:

As the environment for your business evolves, both online and offline, AI marketing tools will help you to examine your website, and see how it can be improved to adapt to the times – or how it can simply be improved in general to improve conversions.

In conclusion:

The reality is that AI marketing tools will make it easier to obtain answers, and improve your company’s position in the market.

Fair enough, in order to get the right answers, you will need to know a thing about what we call “prompt engineering” – meaning you have to learn to give instructions to AI tools in such a way that they cannot possibly be misunderstood.

But whether you learn to do it yourself, or pay someone to do it for you…

This is how AI will be helping businesses and brands to start and grow. Over time, however, this list is expected to expand dramatically.